About HillBilly Brand Country Clothing

HillBilly Brand, Inc.

HillBilly Brand Country Clothing is a perfect example of the classic American business story. We started off selling t-shirts and hats from the back of a truck and have grown into a premier outdoor lifestyle brand. We created the brand because we wanted to give people who enjoy the country lifestyle a way to express themselves. Our products represent that lifestyle and the people who live it everyday. HillBilly Brand fills a gap in the lifestyle clothing market by offering fashionable clothing for those of us who were born country and raised outdoors. Hillbilly Brand's country clothing has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, the CMA Music Festival and CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation.  



Hillbilly Brand's Shark Tank Experience

In 2011 Hillbilly Brand showcased their country clothing line on ABC'S hit prime time TV show Shark Tank. The Sharks were thrilled with the brand and the Hillbilly Boys agreed to do a deal with Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and guest shark Jeff Foxworthy. After negotiating for several months after the show aired, they couldn't come to terms so the Hillbilly Boys walked away from the deal. The advice and exposure they received from the show helped launch Hillbilly Brand into several new markets and product categories.


Michael Abbaticchio

President and Co-founder of HillBilly Brand, Inc.

Michael Abbaticchio Mike is the President and co-founder of HillBilly Brand, Inc. Mike developed the idea one late sleepless night in 2004. The idea sat in a drawer for over a year. Mike showed the logo to long-time friend Shon Lees, who thought it was a great idea. They quickly trademarked the logo. Two months later HillBilly Brand took a couple of hats and t-shirts to a local rodeo and sold every item they brought. Fast-forward to the present and HillBilly Brand can be found at many country music events and several major retailers. Their amazing story was recently profiled on CNBC

Shon Lees

CEO and Co-founder of HillBilly Brand, Inc.

Shon Lees Shon is the CEO and co-founder of HillBilly Brand, Inc. Shon is responsible for day to day operations, event booking, and business development. His experience and leadership skills have helped to make HillBilly Brand into a company that will grow well into the future. Shon's family is from Yankee Lake, Ohio. Home of the world famous Yankee Lake Truck Night.



Keith "The Colonel" Leslie

Information Technology, Marketing, and Media

Keith Leslie Keith joined HillBilly Brand, Inc. just prior to the first rodeo. Keith has provided development services for hillbillybrand.com and has worked on many of the graphics and images on the website. Keith is also responsible for scouting and recruiting the talented musicians and songwriters that make up HillBilly Music.

HillBilly Hotties

Promotional Engineers

Over the years, several women have filled the dubious role of HillBilly Hottie. The hotties promote and wear our clothing at events throughout the country. They are extemely popular with our customers and have developed quite a following. You can find many pictures of the HillBilly Hotties in our Photo Gallery, but here are a few of the beautiful women who have helped us out:


We are located in Parkland, Florida. Our mailing address is HillBilly Brand Inc, 7027 W. Broward Blvd #321 Plantation, FL 33317  For customer service please e-mail us at customerservice@hillbillybrand.com or contact us by phone at (888) 827-2196.

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